that’s why I never ask like you or any cool artists or writers for stuff because a) y’all hella cool b) I figure you get overloaded anyway so I don’t bother. Are you telling those non-mutuals you won’t do their requests for the rp thing?

Aw I don’t mind usually, but I’ve been so lazy lately. Lol. 

And i’ve told a few people, but this isn’t the first time I’ve done an art meme thing on an rp blog… and I’m just tired of telling people to READ THE RULES. I’m just ignoring them now. =~= ‘cause I dont wanna waste my time answering requests.

but yeah, that’s why I even did the prompts I got after I explicitly said prompts were closed because I felt obligated to do them, even though they were anons, haha. I can’t say no, it’s awful.

Awwww yeah I used to be like that. Take all the requests and feel obligated to do them. But really you’re writing for fun and it’s not like it’s a job or anything. uvu Do the requests you wanna do. You’ll feel less stressed and all that. ovo)/

You’ll have to learn how to say no though. D: I don’t want you too overloaded with requests. :c

that is true! With suggestions, there’s no real obligation to do it! :333 Yay flops! And I’m debating almost just turning anon off when I do prompts now, but I don’t want to do it in case someone wants to talk to me on anon because they need help?

Yeaah. I would hate to take requests and then like… never do it or do a bad job because I wasn’t feeling it. Suggestions are a lot less stressful Haha.

Ooh maybe you can just say you’re not taking in any anon requests? Or turn off anon while prompts are happening and turn it back on when the prompting period is over? ovo

I wish I drew Jason with this new hairstyle earlier. D: He would’ve looked so much cooler in all my old arts. ;A;

maybe it’s people who have the rp blog as a sideblog? though then they should be mutuals regardless :V

Yeeeah if it’s a side-blog they should say or something. But nope all they do is follow (and this is rp blogs too and not just personal blogs) and then send in the meme request. Soooo no excuses. It’s just people wanting free stuff. eAe

entitled fans are the absolute worst. When I open prompts I know some people go on anon to send me like 12 at a time, and then don’t listen when I say prompts are closed. It’s gross. I’m sorry you have to deal with it too :(

Ugh. That really sucks. And yeah it’s kind of why I stopped taking requests on this blog. I used to do it all the time, but… yeah. :/ I guess I can always ask for suggestions instead of requests/prompts for art or fics, but I’m lazy.

*flops on you* You should do like a max number of anon prompts you’ll take at a time or something… so that you won’t get a bunch from one person. =~=

I don’t understand. I reblogged an art meme on my rp blog and specifically said it was for mutuals (people that follow me and I follow back) yet random people are trying to get me to draw for them. Not only that it’s for RP BLOGS because the meme was “Drop a ‘画’ in my ask and I’ll draw your muse!” … if you’re not an rp blog wtf am I technically suppose to draw??? (not that I would anyways since I don’t follow non-rp blogs on my baby thomas account). Like the nerve of people. Seriously some of them JUST followed my rp blog and want me to draw them. No. EAE

For three weeks I’ve been helping out and doing observations in a kindergarten class again. It’s a lot of fun! Turns out I’ll be going in on Fridays too. Haha the students will get to see me twice a week for a while. uvu;; 

… okay I really wanted to draw more Jason al Ghul stuff. LOL. I’m really digging his hair. Would like to work on this some more, but meh. Also I’m suppose to be sleeping so… yeah I’m gonna sleep now since I gotta get up in like 3 hours.