Dick & Jason - Missed You

Title: Missed You
Author: Rubitan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. Terrible attempt at writing.
A/N: Wrote at like 6am. So yeah.

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Untitled Drabble - 006 - Thomas

"Another year… Can’t say not surprised. I had a close call a few weeks ago. Got hit right in the head, but luckily it just shattered my helmet. Sure Bats wasn’t all too happy when that happened. Gave me a huge talking to when we were finally out of the range of fire. Y’know for someone who’s so serious and barely talks when you want him to, he’s sure talkative when he’s worried. Was he always like this? What about Gramps? I’m guessing he got those characteristics from him."

A sigh.

"Are you guys proud of me? Then again I’m not sure either of you would be proud of all the shit I’ve done.  I’m telling you… it’s hard to go on sometimes. I mean… there’s no end to this is there? Sometimes I wonder why I keep going on. All I see is death left and right. I miss you guys even if I can’t remember how either of you look. I’ve told you before that Gotham’s now in ruins. The manor was destroyed long ago. I wish I could’ve saved just one thing to remember the two of you by… I’m sorry. I couldn’t even save your graves."

A broken laugh.

"Look at me. So pathetic. I’m talking to the air. Hoping that either of you can hear me, but quite frankly I’m doubtful. If there was a God, Heaven, or Hell… then why the fuck am I stuck in a world like this? Why would this God leave us to rot and get hunted down like animals? It’s only a matter of time before Uncle Dami and I make a mistake and then, bam, gone."

A pause.

"Maybe it’s for the best y’know? At least I’d finally get some rest. Maybe I’ll get to see you two."

Another laugh, cut off by a sob.

"I doubt it though."

Jason/Dick - Bathroom Fun (NSFW)

Title: Bathroom Fun
Author: Rubitan
Rating: NC-17/NSFW
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Pure smut. Underage. OLD writing.
A/N: Seriously this was written super long ago and I edited it so it’s JayDick stuff. Still not betaed. Lol basically 3000 words of badly written smut.

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Untitled Drabble - 005 - LysanderThomas

"L-Lander… we shoul-"

"Shh." Lysander cut Thomas off and pressed against Thomas’ back a bit more. One hand was already making quick work of the front of Thomas’ pants and in no time at all his fingers were brushing against delicate flesh.

There was a sharp intake of breath and a soft moan fell from Thomas’ lips as fingers wrapped around him.  Lysander smiled into the back of Thomas’ right shoulder before nipping at it a bit. “Grayson.” He mumbled out. “You have to be quiet or we’ll get caught.”

And that wouldn’t be good. Not only will they be the talk of the school, but the principle would definitely contact both their parents for this kind of behavior. Good thing they both had free period right now. It made sneaking off for a bit of fun a lot easier.

Jason Todd - The Return of Jason Todd

Title: The Return of Jason Todd
Author: Rubitan
Rating: I duno… pg-13? I don’t understand ratings.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. RP Stuff.
A/N: This was a ficlet I wrote for one of my RP blogs months ago. This is a Young Justice AU where all the ages are reversed for the partners/’sidekicks’ (ala YJARAU). So, Damian is the oldest, then Tim, then Jason, then Dick. etc.

Sequel to Click. Goodbye.

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Jason Todd - Click. Goodbye.

Title: Click. Goodbye.
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: N/A
Rating: R?
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. RP Stuff. Possible character death?
A/N: This was a ficlet I wrote for one of my RP blogs months ago. This is a Young Justice AU where all the ages are reversed for the partners/’sidekicks’. So, Damian is the oldest, then Tim, then Jason, then Dick. etc. Here, Jason and the Red Arrow!Roy are friends/partners because reasons? 

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Jason/Dick - The President and Delinquent (NSFW)

Title: The President and Delinquent
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: JayDick
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. Terrible attempt at writing. Pointless smut.
A/N: High School AU. I really don’t know. I just wanted to write some smut.

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Waiting for my sister to wake up so I can eat lunch and then get my flu shot… I’m so sleepy. :c

Also… random snippet because I felt like it. Which kinda goes with this pic. Ignore how bad this is. I’m sleepy. zzzz


"J-Jay… w.. we should be- a-ah.. patrol.. patrolling." Dick managed to stutter out between sharp breaths. It was a miracle that Dick was able to get out a full sentence with the way Jason’s body was pressed up against him and how his hands were running along his body.

Fingers slid along one of his thighs and slipped under the green fabric to tease his hip bone. Dick bit down on his bottom lip, trying to muffle the soft gasps and moans that fell from his mouth, hoping that they wouldn’t draw attention to themselves.

He was already pressing painfully against the front of his shorts and judging by the how Jason’s crotch was pushed up against his, he could tell the same thing was happening to the other Robin.

"Fuck…  bet B would bust a nut if he saw us now." Jason mumbled into his ear. It was obvious Jason was grinning to himself. He could only imagine what a picture the two of them made. Two Robins, equally as scantily clad and while donning the same uniform, all flushed and rutting against each other.  The thought of Bruce catching in such a state brought shivers down Dick’s spine and he subconsciously thrust forward, eliciting a moan from Jason.

Jason/Dick - Giving in to Temptation

Title: Giving in to Temptation
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: Jason/Dick (Father Todd/Incubus!Dick)
Rating: PG-13 
Warning: Unbetaed. Writing at 4-5am…
Summary: Father Todd returns to his chambers after a long day. Of course be doesn’t make it through the door before a certain demon makes himself known.
A/N: I haven’t written a fic in a long time.. so sorry for all the mistakes and lameness. D:

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Jason/Dick - Spiral Fool

Title: Spiral Fool
Author: Rubitan
Pairing: JasonDick
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Warning: Unbetaed. No real plot tbh.
A/N: Finally got to writing some JayDick like I said. Haha.This is a High School AU where Dick is the popular good student and Jason is the typical troublemaker student. Used a word generator and got “notebook”.

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